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For a future more green

The Enterprise Asphalt srl he cares aboutenvironmental sustainability of the road paving sector. For this reason, after years of research and experimentation, also thanks to a fruitful collaboration with the DI-CEA (Department of Civil, Building and Architecture Engineering) of the'Marche Polytechnic University, we are able to offer a line on the market Of products born fromrecycling of raw materials obtained from the demolition of old road surfaces. This process, after a series of processes, allows tobring down temperatures of productionAnd thereamount of virgin materials used, through the use of milled granulate (also known in international literature asReclaimed Asphalt Pavement "RAP").


Furthermore, thanks to theenvironmental permit AU, we carry out activities ofmaterial recovery reusable not only in the bituminous conglomerates sector, but alsoin the building sectorand hydraulic



Atmospheric emissions during production

Employment of bituminous binding materials


Mechanical performance


* the product appears to be able to satisfy the specifications, equaling or exceeding the reference mixture

"RAP" percentage




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